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Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Service & Ticket Price

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by Saif

Rangpur to Dhaka Bus
Rangpur to Dhaka Bus

If you are looking for information about Rangpur to Dhaka Bus, then you’ve come to the right place. We know that the bus transportation service is the better choice when going from Rangpur to Dhaka. These days, there are many bus companies that offer excellent transportation service on this route. The distance between Rangpur and Dhaka is 292 km.

Dhaka is Bangladesh’s leading commercial, financial and entertainment center, 35% of Bangladesh’s economy relies on Dhaka. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has developed significantly since its original establishment as a modern urban area. Dhaka is among the most densely industrialized cities in Bangladesh. Dhaka is a major beta city, since a lot of large companies have their headquarters there.

Large numbers of people from Rangpur and other regions go to Dhaka every day for various jobs. Dhaka is a major center for the business in Bangladesh. Most of the government job recruit exam, private-sector job recruit exam & NGO job recruit exam are held in Dhaka. Every job seeker must travel to Dhaka to participate in the job-recruitment exam.

If you want to travel by bus from Rangpur to Dhaka, you need to make sure you know the Rangpur to Dhaka bus schedule. The bus schedule will inform you when to ride the bus. Numerous AC and non-AC bus services are available for the Rangpur to Dhaka route. In this article, we’ll provide the Rangpur to Dhaka Transport Bus Schedule and ticket price details.

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Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Route Map

Rangpur to Dhaka route distance is 296 Kilometres. Here below google map for Rangpur to Dhaka Bus route.

Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Route Map
Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Route Map

Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Company List

Numerous bus companies in Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Route offer excellent transportation services. Bus service is available both AC and Non AC to all modes of transport from Rangpur to Dhaka bus route. Below Rangpur to Dhaka Bus service list has all the details you require.

Bus Company List
Hanif Enterprise
Shyamoli Poribohon
Ena Poribohon
Agomoni Express
Dipjol Enterprise
SR Travels
Nabil Poribohon
Manik Express
Bablu Enterprise.

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Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Ticket Price

Bus Ticket Price depends on the bus company’s services and amenities. Bus service is available both AC and Non AC to all modes of transport from Rangpur to Dhaka bus route. Rangpur to Dhaka bus ticket prices are listed below for your convenience.

Bus Company ListTicket Price ACTicket Price Non-AC
1. Hanif Enterprise1200500
2. Shyamoli Poribohon1000500
3. Ena Poribohon1200500
4. Agomoni Express1200500
5. Dipjol Enterprise1000500
6. SR Travels1200500
7. Nabil Poribohon1200500
8. Manik ExpressN/A500
9. Bablu Enterprise.N/A500

Note: Diesel-powered bus ticket prices have been increased by 27% from November 8, 2021, due to rising diesel prices.

Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Online Ticket Booking

Online bus tickets for Rangpur to Dhaka route can be found by looking for sites like,, and You can also get Rangpur to Dhaka Bus online ticket on the Company’s counter.

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Rangpur to Dhaka Bus Company Counter Number & Address

Bus Company NameBus SchduleBus Counter Address & Number
Shyamoli paribahanFirst Trip: 10:00 AM
Last Trip: 11:30 PM
Rangpur office
Phone: 0189-868237,
Hanif EnterpriseFirst Trip: 06:00 AM
Last Trip: 11:30 PM
Rangpur Counters, 01713-402650
Nabil PoribohonFirst Trip: 07:00 am
Last Trip: 11:55 pm
Mob: 01720-993510
Ena transportFirst Trip: 01:00 am
Last Trip: 11:30 pm
Rangpur Kamarpara (Dhaka Bus Stand) 01958-135218
Agomoni expressFirst Trip: 10:00 AM
Last Trip: 11:00 PM
Rangpur, JAHAJ company MORE
Phone: 052-163313

Rangpur, GL Roy Road –
Phone: 01712-092123, 052-165133

Rangpur, Kamarpara bus stand –
Phone: 01911-416861
Dipjol enterpriseFirst Trip: 7: 00 AM
Last Trip: 11:30 PM
Phone: 01882-004521
SR travelsFirst Trip: 07:00 AM
Last Trip: 11:45 PM
Jahaj Co. Office
(Below the Rangpur Chamber Building)
Phone Number: 06445390058, 01193009310
Manik expressFirst Trip: 09:30 AM
Last Trip: 09:30 PM
Phone: +880 1993-339726.
Bablu enterpriseFirst Trip: 7:30am
Last Trip: 12.00pm

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You can travel with greater ease when you have all the information you need. If you’re familiar with the bus schedule from Rangpur to Dhaka it will be easier to know when to go.You can book tickets without any problem. Dhaka is a main business center of Bangladesh. Every day many people from Rangpur and other cities travel to Dhaka for various business activities.

We always try to provide all necessary information such as Contact numbers, Bus list, Online Bus Tickets process , Bus ticket price details, etc. Hopefully, this article will help you on your journey from Rangpur to Dhaka. To stay informed about the most recent information, please bookmark our website

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