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Khulna to Dhaka Bus Service & Ticket Price

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Khulna to Dhaka Bus
Khulna to Dhaka Bus

If you’re interested in knowing information about bus from Khulna to Dhaka, then you’ve come to the right place. We know that the bus is the best mode of transport running from Khulna to Dhaka. Commuting by bus has become quite popular for this route. You’ve now many bus companies that provide good service. The distance between Khulna to Dhaka is 270 k.m.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and its most populous city.zIt is the main commercial and cultural hub of the country.Old Dhaka is the name of an old part of Dhaka Township. Old Dhaka also holds several large national monuments and structures.Dhaka is a metropolis populated by 20 million people that is bustling, colorful, and congested.

A large number of people from Khulna & other areas travel to Dhaka every day for business purposes. Dhaka is a large business center in Bangladesh.The majority of the Government Job Recruit Exam, Bank Job recruit Exam, and NGO Recruit Exam are held at Dhaka. So Every job seeker has to go to Dhaka to take part in the recruitment test.

If you want to travel from Khulna to Dhaka, you need to know the information of Khulna to Dhaka Bus Schedule. The bus schedule can help you decide what time you want to go.Both AC and non-AC bus services are available on the Khulna to Dhaka route. In this article, we will know over the Khulna to Dhaka bus information, schedule, and ticket price.

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Khulna to Dhaka Bus Route Map

Khulna to Dhaka route distance is 270 Kilometres. Here below google map for Khulna to Dhaka Bus route.

Khulna to Dhaka Bus Route Map
Khulna to Dhaka Bus Route Map

Khulna to Dhaka Bus Company List

On the Khulna to Dhaka Bus Route, there are quite a few bus companies that provide excellent transportation services. Buses are available for both AC and non-AC on this Khulna to Dhaka route. You can check the Khulna to Dhaka Bus company List below.

Bus Company List
Shohag Paribahan
Green line Paribahan
Sheba Green Line
Tungipara Express
Falguni Paribahan
Sundarban Classic
AK Travels
Mohona Paribahan
Porjotok Paribahan
Bonoful Paribahan
Bepari Paribahan
Konok Paribahan

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Khulna to Dhaka Bus Ticket Price

Bus Ticket Price depending on the company providing the service. The Khulna to Dhaka bus route has both AC and non AC buses. Government BRTC bus services also operate on this route. for your information below, we provide Khulna to Dhaka bus ticket price with details.

Bus Company ListTcket Price Non-ACTcket Price AC
Shohag Paribahan615 Tk.1300 Tk.
Green line Paribahan400 Tk.800 Tk – 1100 Tk.
Sheba Green Line400 Tk.
Tungipara Express450 Tk.550 Tk.
Falguni Paribahan400 Tk.600 Tk – 700 Tk,
Sundarban Classic400 Tk.
AK Travels400 Tk.
Mohona Paribahan400 Tk.
Porjotok Paribahan400 Tk.
Bonoful Paribahan400 Tk
Bepari Paribahan400 Tk.
Konok Paribahan400 Tk.

Note: Diesel-powered bus ticket prices have been increased by 27% from November 8, 2021, due to rising diesel prices.

Khulna to Dhaka Bus Online Ticket Booking

Nowdays Online ticket are available for book your Khulna to Dhaka trip bus tickets online. There are many websites like,,,, and which will help you to book online bus ticket.

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Khulna to Dhaka Bus Company Counter Number & Address

Bus Company NameBus SchduleBus Counter Adress & Number
Shohag ParibahanFirst Trip 8.15 AM
Last Trip 10.45 PM
KDA KDA Bhaban, Khulna 041-725397
Sonadanga Sonadanga Bus Terminal 041-732255
Fultala Fultala 041-785195
Royel Royel More, Khulna 041-731805
Fulbari Gate Fulbari Gate 01712-22384
Natun Rasta Natun Rasta 01922-79033
Nawapara Nawapara 01712-074046
Green Line ParibahanFirst trip: 8.15am
Last trip: 11:00pm
Khulna Green Line Counter
Phone:- 01709-932723, 041-813888
Tungipara ExpressFirst trip: 5.15am
Last trip: 11:00pm
Khulna Bus Station Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01920-492617, 01793-137262.
Khalishpur Bus Station Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01793-137270.
Sonadanga Bus Stand Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01793-137262.
Royal Counter, Khulna District, Phone: 01793-137265.
Rupsha Ghat Counter, Khulna, Phone: 01793-137266.
Falguni ParibahanFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
KDA Avenue, Royal More, Khulna 9100
AK TravelsFirst trip : 7:00am
Last trip : 11:45pm
Jessore - Khulna Hwy, Khulna
Mohona ParibahanFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna Counter
Phone: 01913-400224
Parjatok ParibahanFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna Parjatik Paribahan Counter
Phone:- 01718-362396
Bonoful TransparentFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna Counter
01718-100653, 01913-496273
Bepari ParibahanFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna Bepari Paribahan Counter
Phone:- 01681-198683

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Having all the information will enable you to travel from one place to another more easily. If you know the exact bus schedule from Khulna to Dhaka, it will be more convenient for you to decide on when you’d like to travel. You can book tickets without any issues.Every day, a large number of people travel to Dhaka for business purposes.

We have provided abundant information and all necessary details Khulna to Dhaka Bus such as Contact Numbers, bus list, Online Bus Tickets, bus route, etc. Hopefully, this article will be made your travel from Khulna to Dhaka more comfortable. For more up-to-date information be sure to check our website often.

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