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Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus Service & Ticket Price

Last Updated on February 23, 2022 by Saif

Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus
Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus

If you seek information about the Rajshahi to Dhaka bus, then you’re in the appropriate location. We know that the bus service between Rajshahi and Dhaka is well suited for traveling. Nowdays There are many bus companies operating on this route, thats provide excellent transportation service. The distance between Rajshahi and Dhaka is 243 km.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and the largest city in the country. cross-country transport in Bangladesh is carried out via bus .Luxury AC & Non AC buses running on a daily basis between the Bangladeshi cities of Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, Jessore, Rajshahi, Cox’s Bazar, and Sylhet, as well as the Indian cities of Kolkata and Agartala.

Large numbers of people from other districts travel to Dhaka on a daily basis for many different reasons. Dhaka is the biggest business center in Bangladesh. Govt. Job , Bank, & NGO Recruit exams are frequently held in Dhaka. Every job seeker has to travel to Dhaka to participate in the recruitment test.

You must be aware of the bus timetable in Rajshahi if you plan to travel from Rajshahi to Dhaka. The timetable of the bus can help you figure out when you need to travel. Many bus services are available in the Rajshahi to Dhaka route. In this article, we will talk about the Rajshahi Bus information, schedule, & ticket price.

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Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus Route Map

Rajshahi to Dhaka route distance is 243 Kilometres. Here below google map for Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus route.

Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus Route Map
Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus Route Map

Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus Company List

In Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus Route, there are lots of bus companies that provide excellent services. AC and non-AC bus services are available on this route between Rajshahi and Dhaka.You can check the Rajshahi to Dhaka bus company list below to find out further details about transport.

Bus Company List
Desh Travels
Hanif Enterprise
National Travels
Shyamoli Paribahan
Tuhin Elite
Grameen Travels
Akota poribahan
Keya Paribahan
Aqib Paribahan

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Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus Ticket Price

The ticket prices depend on the services provided by the bus company. Both AC and non-AC bus services are available on this Rajshahi to Dhaka route. For your information, we provide Rajshahi to Dhaka bus ticket price with details.

Bus Company ListTcket Price AC BusTicket Price Non Ac Bus
Desh Travels1000480
Hanif Enterprise1000480
National Travels1000480
Shyamoli Paribahan480
Tuhin Elite480
Grameen Travels1000480
Akota poribahan480
Keya Paribahan480
Aqib Paribahan480

Note: Diesel-powered bus ticket prices have been increased by 27% from November 8, 2021, due to rising diesel prices.

Rajshahi to Dhaka Online Bus Tickets

You can book online bus tickets for Rajshahi to Dhaka route on websites such as,, and You can try near the bus Company counter to collect Rajshahi to Dhaka Bus Online Ticket.

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Bus Company Counters Contact Number and Address

We have shared Rajshahi to Dhaka all the Bus Counters Contact Number and Address below, which helps to know the exact bus company counter contact number & Address.

Bus Company NameBus SchduleBus Counter Address & Number
Desh TravelsFirst Trip: 7.30 am
Last Trip: 12.45 pm
Rajshahi Counters, Rajshahi City, Phone: 01762-684415.
Godagari Counters, Rajshahi City, Phone: 01762-684415.
Rajabari Counters, Rajshahi City, Phone: 01762-684416.
Hargram Counters, Rajshahi City, Phone: 01762-684419.
Laxmipur Counters, Rajshahi, Phone: 01762-684420.
City Bypass Counters, Rajshahi, Phone: 01762-684421.
Kajala Counters, Rajshahi, Phone: 01762-684422.
Hanif EnterpriseFirst Trip: 6.30am
Last Trip: 12.00pm
Rajshahi Counters, 0721-773361
National TravelsFirst Trip: 10.45 am
Last Trip: 12.30 am
Rajshahi Shiroil Counter
Phone: 01713-228283
Rajshahi Kajla Counter
Phone: 0175-5583955
Rajshahi Katakhali Counter
Phone: 0175-5583957
Rajshahi Puthia Counter
Phone: 0175-5583960
Shyamoli ParibahanFirst Trip: 6.00 am
Last Trip: 11.00 pm
Rajshahi Counter, Rajshahi District, Phone: 01919-317323, 01791-963363.
Tuhin EliteFirst Trip: 7.30 am
Last Trip: 11.00 pm
Central Bus Terminal Counter, Rajshahi
Chapai Nawabganj Counter, Rajshahi
Phone: 01762-684459

Old Terminal, Sakpala Counter, Bogra, Rajshahi
Phone: 01741-642241

Natore counter, Rajshahi
Phone: 01716-295508
Grameen TravelsFirst Trip: 8.30 am
Last Trip: 12.30 pm
Rajshahi Counter, Rajshahi District City, Phone: 01701-686920, 01701-686921.
Akota poribahanFirst Trip: 6. 45 am
Last Trip: 11.30 pm

Phone: 01712-890061
Keya ParibahanFirst Trip: 6.30 am
Last Trip: 12. 45 pm
Contact: 01193-255944

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Everyday Thousands of people travel to Dhaka from Rajshahi for work. The entire process of traveling to and from one place to another is simpler when you can have all the information you need.Knowing the Rajshahi-to-Dhaka bus schedule will make choosing when to go easier.Tickets can be booked without issue.

We have tried our best to provide all the necessary information and contact information, including phone numbers, bus routes, online bus ticketing, and route information. Hopefully, traveling from Rajshahi to Dhaka will be more enjoyble for you. Please always Keep an eye on our most recent & most updated post for our latest & most updated information about Bus Travel.

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