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Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus Service & Ticket Price

Last Updated on February 22, 2022 by Saif

Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus
Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus

The Dhaka to Rajshahi bus route is one of the most popular and comprehensive routes in Bangladesh. It’s easy, affordable transportation service that you can enjoy with your family or friends.There are many different types of buses available on this route, some go fast while others slower. We have been hearing many people say that they love traveling on a bus from Dhaka to Rajshahi because it is an excellent way to go Rajshahi.

Dhaka to Rajshahi bus transportation has always been a Enjoyble. But now there are many options for you to choose from and all of them provide excellent service with competitive prices! Nowadays, traveling by road is much easier as new routes have become available in recent times which means that travelers can save time on their journey without compromising quality or comfort.

The Dhaka to Rajshahi bus route is a long and winding journey. If You want to travel from Dhaka to Rajshahi, but don’t know when the bus leaves or how much it will cost? Well this article has all of that information Bus Schedule & Ticket price for you! In this article we will share what time the buses leave and whether they’re air-conditioned (or not) so that way your trip can go as smoothly possible.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus Route Map

Dhaka to Rajshahi route distance is 245 Kilometres. Here below google map for Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus route.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus route
Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus route

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Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus Company List

There are so many bus companies providing great transportation service between these two cities, we recommend checking out our top picks from below list. with the help of this article you will be able to plan your trip. First find out Bus schedule for each day then book tickets as early at possible because bus ticket may be sold out!

Bus Company List
Desh Travels
Hanif Enterprise
National Travels
Shyamoli Paribahan
Tuhin Elite
Grameen Travels
Akota poribahan
Keya Paribahan
Aqib Paribahan

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Dhaka to Rajshahi Bus Ticket Price

The bus ticket price of Dhaka to Rajshahi journey depends on the company providing services. For example, if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable ride then opt for buses that offer AC facilities as they can be more cost-effective than other types such as non-AC ones or those who only provide seats with curtains around them.

Bus Company ListTcket Price AC BusTicket Price Non Ac Bus
Desh Travels1000480
Hanif Enterprise1000480
National Travels1000480
Shyamoli Paribahan480
Tuhin Elite480
Grameen Travels1000480
Akota poribahan480
Keya Paribahan480
Aqib Paribahan480

Note: Diesel-powered bus ticket prices have been increased by 27% from November 8, 2021, due to rising diesel prices.

Dhaka To Rajshahi Online Bus Tickets

If you want to book online bus tickets for Dhaka-Rajshahi route, there are many websites that provide this service.They include and among others! You can also try near a counter in your local bus company office but make sure it’s an official ticket outlet because not all companies offer their own web pages where customers may purchase these types of tickets as well.

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Bus Company Counters Contact Number and Address

Finding the contact number for bus company can be difficult.We have shared Dhaka-Rajasthan bus company Contact Number & Counter Address in table below which helps you to know exact contact no & counter address of bus company’s office nearest your location easily.

Bus Company NameBus SchduleBus Counter Address & Number
Desh TravelsFirst Trip: 7.30 am
Last Trip: 12.45 pm
Head office: Dhaka 1207
Contact: 01762-684431
Hanif EnterpriseFirst Trip: 6.30am
Last Trip: 12.00pm
House No. 11, Mirpur Rd, Dhaka 1207
Contact: 01713-049559
National TravelsFirst Trip: 10.45 am
Last Trip: 12.30 am
Head office: Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Ave, Dhaka 1205
Contact: 01727-545460
Shyamoli ParibahanFirst Trip: 6.00 am
Last Trip: 11.00 pm
Head office: 15/2, Aricha Highway, Gabtoli, Dhaka 1216
Contact: 01865-068926
Tuhin EliteFirst Trip: 7.30 am
Last Trip: 11.00 pm
Head office: Counter-5, Mohakhali Internal Bus Terminal, Dhaka 1205
Contact: 01708-425930
Grameen TravelsFirst Trip: 8.30 am
Last Trip: 12.30 pm
g, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216
Contact: 01734-721574
Akota poribahanFirst Trip: 6. 45 am
Last Trip: 11.30 pm
Head office: Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Ave, Dhaka 1205
Contact: 01875-073300
Keya ParibahanFirst Trip: 6.30 am
Last Trip: 12. 45 pm
Contact: 01193-255944

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If you plan on traveling from Dhaka to Rajshahi, it’s important that have know all the information beforehand. There are many buses throughout Bangladesh which can take people there quickly and safely but knowing exactly when your particular route will be running makes things easier.When you know the bus schedule from Dhaka to Rajshahi, it will make traveling easier. You can book tickets without any problem. every day thousand of people went to Rajshahi for various work or visit tourist spots.

We have tried our best to provide you all the necessary information on this website so that your journey from Dhaka to Rajshahi will be more comfortable.We hope that this information will helpful for you during your journey from Dhaka to Rajshahi. To stay updated on the latest and most reliable updates, please always check out our website at

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