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Dhaka to Khulna Bus Service & Ticket Price

Last Updated on February 22, 2022 by Saif

Dhaka to Khulna Bus
Dhaka to Khulna Bus

If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable way to travel from Dhaka to Khulna, then bus transport may just be your best option. If you want to know about the luxurious bus service for your journey from Dhaka, then this is the right place. We are providing information on how bus transportations work in Dhaka and throughout the Khulna route which connects it with other parts of the country as well. The distance between Dhaka with Khulna-270 km. There are many reliable bus companies that offer high-speed buses on these routes.

In Dhaka, buses are a popular way of transportation for many people. Dhaka to Khulna Bus service has been a common mode of transportation for many people living in Bangladesh, due largely to its convenience and affordability. This blog provides information on the different types of buses available as well as the duration of travel time between these two cities by bus. It also gives you an idea about how much it will cost you to go Dhaka to Khulna by bus. Many AC and non-AC bus services are available on this Dhaka to Khulna route. in this article, we will share Dhaka to Khulna Bus Information, Schedule, & Ticket price.

Dhaka to Khulna Bus Route Map

Dhaka to Khulna route distance is 271 Kilometres. Here below google map for Dhaka to Khulna Bus route.

Dhaka to Khulna Bus Route Map
Dhaka to Khulna Bus Route Map

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Dhaka to Khulna Bus Company List

Dhaka is a bustling city that has many buses that provide excellent transportation services. There are AC as well as Non-AC bus companies that provide excellent transportation services on this Dhaka -Khulna route. You can find the full list below that will give you all information about each individual bus.

Bus Company List
Shohag Paribahan
Green line Paribahan
Sheba Green Line
Tungipara Express
Falguni Paribahan
Sundarban Classic
AK Travels
Mohona Paribahan
Porjotok Paribahan
Bonoful Paribahan
Bepari Paribahan
Konok Paribahan

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Dhaka to Khulna Bus Ticket Price

Bus Ticket Price Depends on the bus company facilities and services. AC or non-AC bus service is available for your choice between Dhaka to Khulna route, Government BRTC also provides their transportation in this route with affordable prices as well. We have compiled all bus ticket prices into one list below so that you can take your decision easier.

Bus Company ListTcket Price Non-ACTcket Price AC
Shohag Paribahan615 Tk.1300 Tk.
Green line Paribahan400 Tk.800 Tk – 1100 Tk.
Sheba Green Line400 Tk.
Tungipara Express450 Tk.550 Tk.
Falguni Paribahan400 Tk.600 Tk – 700 Tk,
Sundarban Classic400 Tk.
AK Travels400 Tk.
Mohona Paribahan400 Tk.
Porjotok Paribahan400 Tk.
Bonoful Paribahan400 Tk
Bepari Paribahan400 Tk.
Konok Paribahan400 Tk.

Note: Diesel-powered bus ticket prices have been increased by 27% from November 8, 2021, due to rising diesel prices.

Dhaka to Khulna Bus Online Ticket Booking

Online bus ticket booking system is the best way to book your Dhaka-Kulana Bus Online Ticket. If you want to book online bus tickets for the Dhaka-Khulna route, there are many websites that can help. Shohoz is one of the best choices because it provides accurate information. You can also try near the bus Company counter to collect Dhaka to Khulna Bus Ticket.

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Dhaka to Khulna Bus Company Counter Number & Address

Bus Company Name
Bus Schdule
Bus Counter Adress & Number
Shohag ParibahanFirst Trip 8.15 AM
Last Trip 10.45 PM
Kamlapur: 01926-696262
Narayngonj: 01926-699368
Jonopoth: 01926-699368
Chittagong raod: 01926-699365
KDA: 041-725397, 01926-699344
Sonadanga Bus Terminal: 041-732255
Fultala: 041-785195,01712-227370
Royel: 041-731805
Fulbari Gate: 01712-22384
Green Line ParibahanFirst trip: 8.15am
Last trip: 11:00pm
Rajarbag: 02-9342580, 02-9339623
Arambag: 02-7192301, 01730-060009
Fokirapul: 02-7191900, 01730-060013
Kolabagan: 02-9133145, 01730-060006
Kolyanpur: 02-8032957, 01730-060080, 01730-060081
Azampur: 01970-060075
Abdullahpur: 01970-060076
Badda: 01970-060074
Norda: 01730-060098
Golapbag: 0447-8660011
Khulna: 01709-932723, 01730-060037, 041-813888
Mirpur 12: 01997-014004
Jamuna Future Park: 01997-014025
Norda: 01997-014258
Malibag: 01997-014028
Golapbag: 01997-014016
Khulna: 01907-013030, 01997-014013
Fultola: 01997-014260
Doulotpur: 01997-014262
Fulbari gate: 01997-014263
Natun rasta: 01997-014264
Khulna newmarket: 01997-914265
Royel mor: 01997-014266
Sonadanga: 01997-014267
Tungipara ExpressFirst trip: 5.15am
Last trip: 11:00pm
Gulistan: 01712-72640
Jonopoth: – 01196-২67166
Khulna: 01920-492617, 01793-137262
Khalispur: 01793-137270
Falguni ParibahanFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna: 01914-771073, 01911-116650, 01737-786108
AK TravelsFirst trip : 7:00am
Last trip : 11:45pm
Gabtali: 01709-964204, 01709-964205, 01709-964206
Kolyanpur: 01709-964207
Shymoli: 01709-964208, 01709-964209
Panthpath: 01709-964210
kolabagan: 01709-964211
Motijhil: 01709-964212
Malibag: 01709-964213
Abdullahpur: 01709-964214
Nobinagar: 01709-964269
Royal Mor: 01709-964197, 01709-964198
Sibbari: 01709-964199
Sonadanga: 01709-964200
Notun Rasta: 01709-964158
Boyra Bazar:01709-964159
Doulatpur: 01709-964160
Fulbari gate: 01709-964161
Fultola: 01709-964162
Savar: 01709-964270
Mohona ParibahanFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna: 01913-400224
Parjatok ParibahanFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna: 01718-362396
Bonoful TransparentFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna: 01718-100653, 01913-496273
Bepari ParibahanFirst trip: 6.30am
Last trip: 10:00pm
Khulna: 01681-198683

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The journey from Dhaka to Khulna is always a great experience. Not only will you be able to see some of Bangladesh’s most beautiful landscapes, but also Sundarbans – the world’s largest mangrove forest. There are many reasons why people visit these areas, whether it be for fishing trips in Sundarbans or just relaxing on an island beach surrounded by lush forest.

We have tried to provide all the necessary information about your bus journey from Dhaka to Khulna. We hope this information will be helpful for making your trip more comfortable. make sure that you check out our website any time if there are changes or updates in the bus schedule & Ticket price. For more latest & updated information please always keep an eye on our website

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