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Dhaka to Bogura Bus Service & Ticket price

Dhaka to Bogra Bus
Dhaka to Bogura Bus

Dhaka and Bogura are two of the most Oldest cities in Bangladesh. Thousands of people commute between these two cities every day for work, education, or other reasons. The Populer way to do this is by bus. There are many bus services that run between Dhaka and Bogura, but the ticket prices vary a lot from company to company. It can be hard to know which service is the best value for your money. In this article, we will share all bus services infotmation between Dhaka and Bogura and their corresponding ticket prices so that you can make an informed decision about which service is right for you.

The most populer bus service in this Dhaka and Bogura Bus route is Nabil Paribahan ’s VIP Bus Service . This service runs from Mohakhali in Dhaka to Sadarghat in Bogura . The one-way ticket price for this route is Tk 450 The trip takes around six hours . Nabil Paribahan also offers a Deluxe Bus Service on the same route . This service has slightly more comfortable seats than the VIP Bus Service , but it costs Tk 800 one-way.

You want to travel from Dhaka to Bogura but don’t know the details of bus schedule? Well, if your answer is yes then keep reading. In this article we will share information on how much it costs for tickets and when are they available each day as well as other important things like ticket prices with an explanation why people buy them or not based off our experience using different kinds of buses while going between these two cities over last few years.

Dhaka to Bogura Bus Route Map

Dhaka to Bogura route distance is 214 Kilometers. Here below google map for Dhaka to Bogura Bus route.

Dhaka to Bogra Bus Route
Dhaka to Bogura Bus Route

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Dhaka to Bogura Bus Company List

Dhaka to Bogura is a well-trodden route for travelers coming from Dhaka. If you’re looking out for an efficient and comfortable way of getting around, then bus transportation services are what we recommend. Both AC and non-AC buses are available on this Dhaka-Bogura route with plenty of different options for your travel needs. you can check out which one works best by checking the list below.

Bus Company List

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Dhaka to Bogura Bus Ticket Price

The cost of a bus ticket is determined by the company that operates it. Different companies offer both air conditioned as well non-AC buses on this route from Dhaka to Bogura . however we have data for you Dhaka to Bogura bus ticket price with details.

Bus Company ListTicket Price (AC)Ticket Price (Non-AC)

Note: Diesel-powered bus ticket prices have been increased by 27% from November 8, 2021, due to rising diesel prices.

Dhaka to Bogura Bus Online Ticket Booking

In order to book your bus tickets online, many websites provide a service that can be used. For example provides an easy and fast platform for people who want in their journey with ease as well convenience of time management. There are also other sites such like ,paribahan .com & etc

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If you’re traveling from Dhaka to Bogura, it’s easier when you have all the information. If your schedule requires a specific bus route and time of departure or arrival then book tickets beforehand as there are many travelers that use this route every day for exploring natural beauties in Bogura.

There are many things you should know before your trip, such as how much it will cost and what type of accommodation is available. We have tried to provide all necessary details about these topics so that no one has any question left unanswered in their head on this journey from Dhaka to Bogura by bus. For latest & updated information please always keep an eye on our website

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