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Dhaka to Bogura Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka to Bogura Train
Dhaka to Bogura Train

If you want to know information About Dhaka to Bogura Train, then this post is for your convenience. The easiest way to travel from Dhaka to Bogura is by train. It is always important to know the train schedule if you want a relaxing and enjoyable journey. There are some things that can help make your trip better, such as knowing what time trains leave or arrive at your destination station so you don’t miss any train.

Train journey between Dhaka and Bogura is now available. The newly introduced train service will reduce the traffic congestion on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway. The train service will start from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka and will terminate at Bogura Railway Station.

The journey will take 3 hours and 45 minutes to cover the distance of 145 kilometers. The train service will be available from 6am to 10pm daily. The fare for the train journey is Tk 190 for second class and Tk 240 for first class.

Train journey Dhaka to Bogura is about 150 kilometers and it usually takes around three hours. The railway track goes through the rural areas of Bangladesh, so passengers can enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside. There are several local trains plying this route throughout the day, and there is no need to make any advance reservation. Bogura is a small town and very tourist-friendly; there are plenty of hotels and restaurants to choose from. If you have more time, I suggest you visit some of the nearby attractions

The Dhaka to Bogura Train service is one of the most important transportation services in Bangladesh. The train service helps to connect the major city of Dhaka with other parts of the country. The train service is also important for transportation because it helps to reduce traffic congestion on the roads.

If you’re planning to spend some time in Comilla and want the best experience, then take a train. Every day, lots of people visit Comilla a large number prefer traveling by rail. that’s why it is important to choose the right train at your desired time. In this article, we share all necessary Information like what trains are available and when they arrive/depart so that you can go every trip smoothly with less hassle.

Dhaka to Bogura Train Route Map

Dhaka to Bogura route distance is 244 Kilometres. Here below is a google map for Dhaka to Bogura train route.

Dhaka to Bogura Train Route Map
Dhaka to Bogura Train Route Map

Dhaka to Bogura Train List

Here below we share Dhaka to Bogura Train List which will help you to choose the right one.

Dhaka to Bogura Train List

Dhaka To Bogura Train Schedule

Here below we share Dhaka to Bogura Train schedule which will help you to book your ticket at your desired time.

TrainDeparture (Dhaka)Arrival (Bogura)Off Day
RANGPUR EXPRESS (771-772)09:10 AM03:57 PM
LALMONI EXPRESS (751-752)09:45 PM04:24 AMFriday

Rangpur Express

The best train service from Dhaka to Bogura is the Rangpur Express (Train No: 771-772). It departs at 09:10 AM and arrives at 03:57 PM. Rangpur Express runs every day.

Rangpur Express Train Tickets Price

Rangpuri Express has Three types of tickets like S_Chair, Snigdha & AC_S. All the ticket prices are given below.

ClassTicket Price BDT (Adult)Ticket Price BDT (Child)
S _Chair395265
Note: All Ticket price mentioned above are Including VAT.

Lalmoni Express

Lalmoni Express (Train No: 751-752) is one of the most reliable train services in Dhaka to the Bogura Train route. The departure time for this route is 09:45 PM and it arrives at Bogura by 04:24 AM, with an off day being Friday.

Lalmoni Express Train Tickets Price

Lalmoni Express has Two types of tickets like S_Chair & Snigdha. All the ticket prices are given below.

ClassTicket Price BDT (Adult)Ticket Price BDT (Child)
S _Chair395265
Note: All Ticket price mentioned above are Including VAT.

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Dhaka to Bogura Train Online Ticket Booking

Train ticket online booking service is one of the easiest ways to buy or book your Dhaka to Bogura train tickets. If you don’t have enough time, follow these steps and book your train ticket online.

  1. You must first register on the Bangladesh Railway Esheba website before you can buy a ticket.
  2. Visit Esheba website (
  3. You can register your account by clicking “Sign up” and then you enter a registration webpage where careful fill-up form. After that click “Register” button on the screen.
  4. Now, the Bangladesh Railway sends you a verification link in your mail address.
  5. By clicking this link you complete your registration process.
  6. After Completing registration you can buy or booking an online train ticket. From this online service

visit the website again and sign up your account then give your information correctly

  1. You will see a“purchase ticket” button. on the Dashboard click the button.
  2. Now select your desired Station, Journey date, Destination and seat class.
  3. Then Click on the “Search Train” Button.
  4. By clicking “Auto-Select” or “Seat Selection” you will able to select your seat and route if the seat is available your desire train you will see the ticket and then complete your payment method.
  5. After successfully payment is complete a confirmation receipt will show.
  6. And finally, you can get your desired train ticket online.

Railway Station Contact Number

Kamalapur Station Mobile Number – 02-8315857, 02-9330522, 01843-220622, 01711691612

Dhaka Airport Contact Number – 02-8924239

Chittagong Station Contact Number – +88 01711-691550, 635162


Every time you travel from one place to another, it can be a hassle if there are no resources available. Luckily we have been able to help streamline your journey with this comprehensive list of helpful information about train schedules in Dhaka and Bogura. In this Article, We try to provide everything necessary Information about the Dhaka-Bogura train schedule including ticket prices, how long trains take, or what stations they stop in when arriving there so as not to miss any essential stops along the way! Hopefully, by knowing these basics we will make your journey much more comfortable.

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